Lavoisier medal

Starting with its VIIth conference, the ISBC has presented the Lavoisier Medal to an internationally acknowledged scientist for an outstanding contribution to the development and/or the application of direct calorimetry in biology and medicine (see details in Thermochimica Acta 219, ix).

The obverse of The Lavoisier Medal displays the portrait bust of Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier (1743-1794) with the legends “THE LAVOISIER MEDAL FOR CALORIMETRY” and “PRESENTED TO”, while on the reverse is the famous Lavoisier ice calorimeter together with the legends “ISBC” and “THE FIRE OF LIFE – the title of Max Kleiber’s famous book (London, New York 1961) on biological calorimetry and animal energetics.


Winners of the Lavoisier Medal

1990: Ingemar Wadsö / Lund, Sweden
1992: Richard B. Kemp / Aberystwyth, UK
1994: Lee Hansen / Provo, USA
1997: Ingolf Lamprecht / Berlin, Germany
1999: Anthony E. Beezer / London, UK
2001: Lena Gustafsson / Göteborg, Sweden
2003: Erich Gnaiger / Innsbruck, Austria
2006: Mario Monti / Lund, Sweden
2010: Edwin Battley / Stony Brook, USA
2014: Urs von Stockar / Lausanne, Switzerland
2016: Nieves Barros / Santiago de Compostela, Spain
2018: Thomas Maskow / Leipzig, Germany